Podcasts I Listen To

I’ve started listening to podcasts sometime in 2007, almost 9 years ago. DotNetRocks was my first show. Can’t remember which episode was the first one, but I distinctly remember listening to Billy Hollis talk about Complexity (show #214, 2007-02-13) and trying really really hard to keep up. Stopping and rewinding was not unusual.

Just like @ailon, whose post inspired to write this one, I’ve been listening ever since. I spend a lot of time with podcasts - I listen when I walk, prepare and eat breakfast, in the shower, do chores and run. After DotNetRocks, my next two podcasts were Hanselminutes and Mondays. As I moved on from Microsoft ecosystem (and Mondays is no longer active), none of them are among my current subscriptions.

These days I devour podcasts on the iPhone, using Overcast. It’s a simple reliable podcast player with a couple of useful powerful features. The official iPhone Podcasts app had trouble dealing with the number of subscriptions I have and was constantly laggy. No such problems with Overcast.

The podcasts I listen to are listed below. They are divided into groups by the share of episodes I consume.


I listen to all episodes of the podcasts here. Mostly because they are amazing.


I skip some episodes of these podcasts. Either after looking at episode title or deciding to stop in the middle.


For one reason or another, I only manage to consume a small sample of new episodes from these.


That’s it for mine. And what are you listening to?