Notes from StaffPlus New York 2022

On April 5th, I attended StaffPlus 2022 New York conference. This was my fifth time attending an event organized by LeadDev. I’ve previously attended four of their conferences in London, including the first one ever. I’m happy to see they’ve continued to grow as a community and an event organizer.

I’m in New York for a different conference organized by LeadDev happening the same week - LeadingEng. I’ve visited StaffPlus because while it isn’t directly aimed at me, I thought I’ll still be able to receive a lot of value. And I did.

On-demand access to all talks is available from April 12th, 2022. In the meanwhile, I share my notes from the talks. I don’t necessarily agree with everything I share here, but I found all of it exciting and compelling. Hopefully, they’ll give you a sense of what StaffPlus is all about. My notes are listed below in chronological order.

Silvia Botros, Being a principal engineer. The world is your oyster.

Ryan Harter , Strategies for focusing on the Most Important Thing

Amy Unger, Starting a new job as a Staff+

Michelle Bu, Lifecycle of an API design

Katie Sylor-Miller, Moon to Mars: Planning and executing for the long term

Mattie Toia, Getting to Commitment: Tackling broad technical problems in large organizations

J. Bobby Dorius, Solving inefficiency challenges at Datacenter scale

Leslie Chapman, Becoming an influencer (no selfies required)

Alice Li, Accessibility and why everything old is new again

Scott Triglia, Driving clarity in ambiguous projects

John Riviello, The art & science of decision buy-in

Bryan Liles, Building a better bridge

David Daly, Leveraging your peers as a Staff Plus Engineer: Building peer groups