Year 2017

Time for a yearly summary. I’ve started 2018 with a three weak vacation in Thailand. I’ve disconnected my work email, deleted Slack and didn’t do any writing or coding. So, this summary comes a bit later than usual. Here’s what... full post →

Cool Projects

A year and a half ago, my friend recommended me to watch the TV show “Silicon Valley.” I was aware of the show’s existence but had not found the time to check it out. My friend pitched the show as... full post →

Pronto Labs

More than four years ago I wrote Pronto. The initial commit is dated 2013-07-02. The first version released 2013-08-15. I wanted to solve my problem. I wanted to stop writing comments like “This line is too long!” on GitHub pull... full post →


There’s more focus in my life. It has not always been that way. What does focus enable me to do and how did I get here? I lay in bed. My eyes are open. Silence. I hold Kindle with one... full post →

Writing to People

Communication is hard. It involves people, and no two people are the same. This is a story about how I continue to learn to communicate better in writing. At Vinted, we use GitHub and pull requests. Pull requests tells others... full post →

Staying Sharp with Exercism

If you’ve followed my summaries of the year, you know that I’ve been in a leadership role for a while. That means less code, more listening. But I still like to keep my coding skills sharp. At first, I thought... full post →

How I Keep 26kg Lost

Last week this post hit Hacker News frontpage. It’s about how Justin Angel lost 100lbs (~45kg) in 6 months. The story is quite interesting, though a little extreme. My ex-wife cheated on me stating that she found me unattractive, that... full post →


When my focus was .NET development, on the podcasts I listened to I’ve used to hear praises heaped upon Norwegian Developers Conference. It was held in Oslo and quickly became Europe’s largest .NET & Agile conference. I wanted to attend.... full post →

Year 2016

American Dialect Society declared “dumpster fire” as the word of the year. And that’s how most will remember 2016. But while demotivating and fake news dominated our feeds, there’s no need to be discouraged. In a lot of ways, 2016... full post →

Podcasts I Listen To

I’ve started listening to podcasts sometime in 2007, almost 9 years ago. DotNetRocks was my first show. Can’t remember which episode was the first one, but I distinctly remember listening to Billy Hollis talk about Complexity (show #214, 2007-02-13) and... full post →

Year 2015

The year 2015 was different. Every year is. Without further ado, a short overview of things that happened with me. Most of these are about what I did. But let’s start with an obvious opposite one. I didn’t write a... full post →

Year 2014

The year 2014 was exciting and challenging for me. This yearly post provides a short horn-trumpeting summary of it. In no particular order: Lost more than 2kg. That might seem like peanuts compared to last year. But I also avoided... full post →

Equal Footing

Best ideas and efforts come from the most unexpected of places. Having a company culture where everyone feels like they can solve and contribute to any problem or opportunity is very important. I’m happy to be working at a company... full post →

Continuous Static Analysis using Pronto

Code quality and consistency is important. There are a ton of great open source tools and libraries that provide insights. For example: Rubocop checks your style and Brakeman scans for security vulnerabilities. You can run them easily and get a... full post →

Getting Things Done

This post was originally written by Justas Janauskas, CEO of Vinted, edited for publishing by me and Marek Ivanovskis In this post I want to share with you my way of getting things done. It works quite well for someone... full post →

Software Development is not Typing

What is software development? Is it typing features that your product people come up with into your text editor as quickly as possible? Not quite. At the very least, think when typing. Make it easier for your fellow typers to... full post →

Office. Office never changes

Office. Office never changes Fog Creek waged war for private workplace and marble showers. GitHub built an empire on letting everyone work wherever and whenever they want. 37signals reworked the whole industry by getting real. But office never changes. In... full post →

Year 2013

The year 2013 was a heck of a year for me, mostly in a good way. In no particular order: Lost 26kg. Probably only weighted less when I was fourteen. Besides health benefits, this gave me a big self-confidence boost... full post →

Top Ten Percent

We were discussing something with a co-worker that I perceived as a problem, yet he didn’t. One of his arguments was: Compared with other companies, we would be among the top ten percent. Being among top ten percent is pretty... full post →

git playback 0.2

The feedback after the first post about git-playback was amazing. I’ve been slowly improving it for the last couple of months and I’m pretty happy where it is right now. What’s new: Easier installation Just clone the repository and run... full post →

Vim - Putting arrows to use

It’s accepted among Vim users - arrow keys should be avoided at all possible cost. Using hjkl is preferred and is advantageous. You never have to leave the home row - that let’s you be faster and it’s more comfortable... full post →


I’ve been doing a lot of things this year that I was (and still am) afraid of doing. Writing a blog is one pretty obvious example. I wanted to try writing a blog for some time. So, what was stopping... full post →


I still encounter people who want to use their favorite extremely-powerful framework for everything. I don’t think that’s the right attitude. Slides for a lightning talk ‘simpler’, hosted on Speaker Deck, which tries to address that: Font: Spatha Sans Palette:... full post →

git playback

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon… I just did a code kata, but I was not entirely happy and not sure how to do it better. So I decided to look at how other developers tackled the same problem. Found... full post →

Joys of Programming

I’m always surprised when I meet programmers who don’t enjoy what they’re doing. Don’t misunderstand me - I realize that software development is not everyone’s passion. Still stunned every time. For the life of me, I can’t imagine doing anything... full post →

Hello World

Welcome to my blog. My name is Mindaugas Mozūras, and I’m a twentysomething software developer. Here I intend write about anything that interests me - mostly various development topics, but there will probably be some general geekery as well. If... full post →