Notes from LeadingEng New York 2022

On April 8th, I attended LeadingEng 2022 New York conference. This visit was my sixth time attending an event organized by LeadDev. My fifth one came earlier the same week, and I’ve written up my notes for StaffPlus 2022 New York too.

This event is the first LeadDev organized affair aimed strictly at Director/VP/CTO level technology leaders. The LeadDev series of events are aimed at any kind of engineering leader. Below I share my notes from the talks. I don’t necessarily agree with everything, but I found all of it interesting. I hope it can give a sense of what LeadingEng is all about. My notes are listed below in chronological order.

Meri Williams, Career vectors - CTO flavors: Mixing & matching skillsets

Yvette Pasqua, Engineering leadership with a little help from my friends

Charity Majors, Great engineers are made by great engineering teams

Krishna Kannan, Aligning teams through allocations

Nivia Henry, Living in the future: How leading leaders is a lot like time travel

Lara Hogan, Intentional influence

Jason Wong, The tools of culture change

Swati Vauthrin, An Eng Leaders Intro on Understanding “the Business”

Camille Fournier, Building aligned strategies

Michael Winslow, Getting buy-in for your transformation strategy

Lee Matos Jr, Everyone can contribute: Make it so!

Chad Carlson, Examples are hard: Prioritizing developer experience

Laura Thomson, The places you’ll go: how to keep learning in leadership

Maria Gutierrez, Healthy and effective leadership teams

Phil Calçado, Don’t try this at home. How to practice self-improvement as a senior leader